Monday, August 22, 2005


In my quiet life I am able to block out those things that disturb me. If I don't like what's on tv, I turn it off. If i don't want to talk to someone, I don't answer the phone. If i want to be creative, I read, sew, craft, paint, and any other activity I enjoy. If I want to be someone else for awhile, I read, or play a role playing game. So many things to accomodate my moods and whims. The ability to change at any moment the desires of my heart. But what I can't block out, no matter how hard I try, is the heartache I feel for those I know are going through something I can't change.

My friend of 35 years phoned me the other day. What she told me left me speechless and I don't even know if I have the words to express not only my feelings, but the incredible tragedy and hardship my friend has, and is, going through. I sit here with tears running down my face thinking of all we have both experienced, trudged through, survived, and made us who we are today. But none of that compares to what I am about to share with you.

Peggy and I met when we were 10 years old. She was walking by my home and I called to her thinking she was someone else. We spoke and quickly became best friends. Our friendship has spanned decades incompassing the many trials and tribulations of our lives, including a decade when we lost contact and eventually couldn't find each other. But thanks to the internet and persistance, we found each other once again.

That phone call wrenched my insides. The pain, the hopelessness, the tragedy. The life that was lost. Her daughter was shot 7 times, and killed, by a man crazed on anabolic steriods. He turned to shot her 3 children also but by a prayer they were spared. They prayer by their Grandmother turned him from them. He turned from them and faced a mother who just watched her daughter gunned down in front of her. Watched a precious, young life wiped from this earth. Watched a mother of three small children die. Never to see them grow, never see them marry, never see them have children of their own. These poor children witnessed all of this. And beyond losing their mother, their father turned and shot himself in the head.

In addition to the trauma of the incident itself. Peggy has lost her business, the use of her arm, is in pain each and every day. Two bullets yet remain in her body, inoperable. She has many years of physical and emotional therapy to go through. But how long will she suffer? Will she ever heal?

The evil of this world abounds. Stealing our hope, our joy, our lives in every way he can think of. These lives were lost to a drug. To steroids. All of you read these words. If you know any one taking these kinds of drugs show them this story. Don't let another day go by because this could be your family. Your mother, your daughter, your grandchildren. If you are the person taking these drugs. STOP! Don't let another day go by. Every day you are on these you further put yourself and your family in danger.

If you know how my friend can receive redemption from these drug companies for making these things available. For stealing her hopes and dreams, her daughter, her own life. Please post to this blog.

Think! This could be you or someone you know. Turn to God and pray. He is the answer. God Bless you.
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