Friday, February 18, 2005

She is gone

Already the quiet loss has seeped around the edges of my conscience. Moments pass when the emptiness overwhelms me, as tears fall from the corners of my eyes and drop quietly into my lap. I love you momma, I love you momma. The whispered words echo in my mind. Each of us silently, in our own way, accepting the quiet spot in our home that has filled our hearts with love. I wait for a whisper, a sign, something that tells me she is still with me. I know she is. But I long for I don't know what, but something.

Time. We think we have so little, or so much. But what is time? It gives order to chaos. Without it nothing would make sense. But yet it is just a stop to something bigger. A small blip for us to enjoy one another. To learn. There is a bigger picture that most of us are missing. I am just now starting to see the edges of it. One day I will be able to see it all. So much to learn. So much to love. One day I will see it all.
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