Friday, April 01, 2005

New beginnings

Every day is new with you in my life Lord. I find hope in knowing you. Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. I pray for your will in my life Lord. You say you need me yet on this earth to do thy will. I pray that I am in your will in all that I do. Speak to me and show me which road I am to take. I am at a new crossroad needing guidance to take the correct path. For I know without it I am lost.

I have been lost many times in my life. You know it by the emptiness you feel. A hollow vessel wanting to be filled. I never want to be lost again. It is filled with the horror of feeling alone. With the silent tears only the Lord can heal. Tears that stream down the face like the rain on a pane of glass sliding and falling silently down. Only by his grace and mercy do I live. Joyful in knowing he loves me as I am. Approving of me despite my faults. Loving me like no other. With his love the tears are turned from sadness to one of knowing his presence and love. Never to be alone again. Knowing with the hope of things to come. This too shall pass. These words keep me strong in adversity. Knowing that every situation will pass. Just to hold on a little longer and be delivered. Every thing is not as it seems. What seems bad, God will turn to my good. It is this knowledge that keeps me alive.

Where do I go from here Lord? What task do you have for me now? I am waiting. Silently praying for your guidance. Lead me Lord. Let me not stray. Comfort me with the knowledge of knowing you light my path. Speak to my heart and mind and give me purpose once again. Amen.
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