Friday, January 21, 2005

January 21, 2005

Genesis Well I guess it is time to start writing my thoughts down somewhere they won't get lost. I can't seem to remember somethings, others I remember every detail. Such is life. I do want to express and share my testimonies of God's existance in my life. I have forgotten many, but there have been a few incidents recently I can still recall with some clarity.

First is him actually speaking to me. I knew it was him, or my friend I hadn't seen in a year had suddenly became clairvoyant. I went through a great tribulation this past year, or at least it was to me. I know many are far worse than me. But the Lord always says he will not give us morethan we can handle. Well he really let Satan push me to the limit. I was unemployed, disabled, being evicted, clinically depressed, caring for my mother, son, and my husband was also unemployed. I cried and cried to the Lord but did not seem to get anywhere. My prayers seemed very ineffectual, so I started asking Jesus to pray for me. Everyday I thanked him for everything and asked him to pray. My problem was I was not believing in my faith. I had lost it somewhere. I still believed in God, I just didn't believe in change. I could not call those things that are not as though they are. This is very important in faith. I lost my hope. Couldn't find it anywhere.

I had a doctor appointment on October 14th with my pain management doctor. I had begged the Lord the night before to speak to me. I was so lost. I woke up that morning crying and could not stop. No particular reason. I just could not stop crying. I stopped to see a friend that worked by my doctors office. I had not seen her for over a year. We had both worked at the same place but through varying circumstances we both lost our jobs. We had been so close while working at Shriners Hospitals. People sometimes mixed us up. We looked enough alike to pass for sisters. Anyway, I stopped to see her. As soon as I hugged her I burst out in tears. She immediately began to pray over me asking the Lord for all of the same things I had been praying for. Peace, healing, and all of the other things I had been asking the Lord for. All of a sudden she pulled away from me, looked me in the eyes and said " Judy the Lord is tired of hearing you say you want to come home. He is tired of hearing you say your tired and ready to go. He is tired of you saying your tired. He isn't finished with you here and still has things for you to do. Now pray to him and give him your problems just like you used to tell me." The amazing thing of this conversation is that these are the words I had been speaking to the Lord. There was no way for her to know that. I had not seen her in a year. I had not spoken to her. The Lord was speaking to me just as I asked. I went home that day. I apologized to the Lord and gave him my problems. I prayed the prayer that was needed and a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I was free! That day things started changing again for the better. My husband went back to work. Our finances have turned around. I actually had money to buy presents for my family for Christmas. I had money to pay for my medical bills. I was able to catch up our most needed necessities. But he had spoken to me. I promised him I would never ask him to come and get me again. I will wait for him to decide when I come home.

The other big thing is right before we were evicted from the house we were renting, I took my last dollar and sent it to Joyce Meyer Ministries. She has taught me so much since Jesus came into my life. Has really taught me how to be a Christian. There is a lot more to it than having a bumper sticker or saying God Bless to someone. Anyway back to the dollar. Six weeks later we moved into our own home that we now own. If that is not an awesome testimony of the Glory of God, I don't know what is.

I just want to tell everyone no matter how hard it is, the Lord will make it better.
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