Thursday, August 08, 2013

I have recently gotten back into doing crochet that was taught to me by my grandmother and mother at the age of 8. I am incredibly blessed by such talented ancestors that shared themselves so freely with their family members. But the reason for my post is this crochet set I have made for my granddaughter. The lining is not yet in the jacket (will be turquoise) I am really tickled at how great the pants turned out, as I did not have a pattern. Love the herringbone stitch I did in the round. Much nicer that a normal double crochet. The inside texture is also very nice and could even be used with cross stitches as a type of canvas. I will write down the instructions for the pants and take pics of the steps i did. But they were very easy. I also have a great idea for doing a pair that the length will be adjustable! Love these hope you all do too!
Here is a finished jacket with the lining already in it. Larger size for my other granddaughter. It has a faux fur lining with gradient yarn that is super soft and turned out so well with the blends matching in each piece.
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