Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Almost done

The war zone is finally at a cease fire. At least for the moment. I imagine right before launch time some sniper fire will be heard. But the house is almost finished. We are just touching up things, putting things back. Now time for clean up. 10 days and counting. But hubby has chilled and my offensive to point out lack of respect seems to be working along with prayers of peace. Thank God for his armies of angels that watch, help and protect us all.

I know many of you are skeptics, but I can't begin to describe the "knowing" of something greater then myself. It is something you just have to experience and you wont' until it's your time. Everything has it's own time. Time is to place order to chaos. To give every event its own moment. So live the moment. If you stay in the past you can't move forward, if you worry about the future, you can't enjoy today. So there is only now. Now is the time of all things.

Tired? slow down. Happy? share your smiles. Sad? call a friend or watch a funny movie. Lost? then pray. God is the way. He is within you if you would only look. Seek and ye shall find. He loves you and is waiting for you to invite him into your lives. He can not help unless you ask. But first you must ask. But be careful what you wish for. You may just get it exactly as you wished for it. Everything has two edges. Good and bad. Be sure to try and follow the good with a good attitude. Attitude is everything! Positive thoughts are everything.
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