Thursday, April 03, 2008

The saga continues

Well I had hoped to write more often, but oh well, I'm here now.  This has been quite the ordeal getting ready to move.  Getting our pets authorized to go was a real nightmare and has managed to trigger my husbands OCD and anxiety attacks. blah.  We are in the middle of trying to remodel the house.  So I am almost bald of course (not really)  Stan is used to doing remodels on houses that are empty and that he gets paid for.  It has been hard getting him "in the mood" to work on our own house.  No gratification doing your own home it seems. Most of the house is packed and/or given away.  But we still have the bedroom and kitchen left to pack up and prep for painting.  I have the pets taken care of for the flight, my packing for things I need while waiting for the ship to bring the rest of our belongings is almost done.  But the bedroom will be a real headache considering it is the room we live in.  I must warn newlyweds not to try this.  I am afraid you would probably end up in divorce court.  We have been at this for almost 16 years, so we are used to each others acerbic tongues and can usually get over our anger fairly quick.  You must really be able to turn the cheek several times to maintain a good marriage.  I think we may make it.  I am terribly tired today though.  I really must remind my husband what the word "disabled" means.    He seems to think that since he must "sacrifice" his time and aches to work on the house then so must I.  I have already managed to tear the bursa in my right shoulder trying to pack after having a 5 level back surgery.  And I'm not doing enough?  Sorry just need to vent a bit.  I hope I make it there without too many more injuries.  It is hard enough moving in the morning.  I was lucky in that most of my aches, pains, and injuries were confined to the left side of my body, leaving the right side to pick up the slack.  however now I have moved on to damaging that side also.  So life is a bit tough these days.  Take care of your bodies people.  I am not even 50 years old and already I can barely move at times.  Some days though I am fortunate to almost feel normal.  Whats normal?  hmmm well that is open for debate for sure.  Ok, well now that I have found my way back I will try to be a bit more elaborate with my postings and perhaps actually share some helpful information with you.  I will for sure touch on the subject of getting animals classified as a service animal or emotional support animal.  Actually getting the process done was not so hard, but getting agencies to comply with the governments ADA laws has been a challenge to say the least.  So more to come my friends, but at moment my eyes are trying to slam shut on my dry, drywall crusted cheeks.
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