Friday, July 28, 2006

You do not choose to love; it chooses you

I have looked at this from every angle I can. And I think the statement says it all. Love happens. Whether we want it to or not. It grows and one day we realize we love someone. But still doesn't answer what it is, does it?

I think it is different for every person and can't be compartmentalized into one definition. As I have said, I love different people for different reasons. And I love each differently. But true love, hmmmm. I think it is what we look for in someone. To me it is giving yourself completely and expecting nothing in return. If you start expecting then the love fades and is replaced with other feelings like resentment. But there is a difference between expecting someone to act a certain way and getting their respect. If they love you, then the respect should be automatic. If they don't respect you then how can it really be love? But if it isn't love, what is it?

Still questions and more questions. Maybe as I ponder this enigma I will post more.
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